Our Factory

Our factory Concrete Products Ltd is located on small Estonian island called Hiiumaa. We have motivated team to produce and design interior concrete products. All the new materials are tested in the laboratory and products in the factory before launching to the market. Continuous product development brings new solutions and functionality of concrete to our customers.

Beside of our traditional concrete, which we call "RAW" series , in 2011 new range of high quality stone "SuperIOR" was introduced. It is a feeling of lively concrete that at the same time reflects inherent quality of the quartz stone and luxury. SuperIOR is maintenance free and its strength makes the material ideal for public areas as well.

Quality standards

IOR concrete controls quality of the products in every single stage in production.

Products are produced according to the rules that are worked out by The Concrete Countertop Institute in United States of America. Learn more here.

SuperIOR series products are produced even in higher standards and are comparable to quartz stone standards.

You should know

1. Concrete is natural material as wood, marble etc and color and pattern of your products can always vary a bit of sample piece. At the same time this gives to the the products personality and liveliness.
2. On concrete worktops its recommended to use always for for cutting a cutting-board and under hot pan a trivet.
3. Its recommended to clean and dry always the top after using it. Concrete is in origin porous material as all natural stones. Special mix and treatment is used to get our RAW concrete water and stain-proof. SuperIOR concrete is fully waterproof and more unlikely to stain.
4. It is recommended to oil or wax your products made of RAW concrete after every third month and SuperIOR concrete once a year.
5. In case you discover that water is easily penetrating into your RAW concrete top, it needs to be re-sealed in the first possible occasion.
6. In case you have some damage happened please contact your distributor to fix it. Most of the problems are easy to solve in our concrete products. Small cracks in RAW concrete is essential part of the material.

Handling and installing

1. Keep the top always vertical - during storing in the package; during unwrapping; during lifting onto the cabinets.
2. Always support the top on the cut-ins - this is the weakest part and the biggest risk of concrete top. Its recommended to support the edges fixed between wooden beams while installing.
3. During installation lift the top vertically on the cabinets and then carefully, supporting cut-in areas, lay down the top onto the cabinets.
4. Stone and concrete is hard but brickle material - avoid all kind of strikes: during utilization, while drilling holes or cutting the concrete top. Do not use stone hammer drilling during the drilling. Drilling and cutting is recommended after installation. 
5. The top should be as heavy as it stay in right position without fixing. If not use construction glue or silicone for fixing the top. Joints and sinks can be fixed by silicone, epoxy or hard construction glue and after that silicone to have visible joints or use our repairing mix to make so called invisible joints. NB! Color of the "invisible joint" can vary a bit from the rest of the top after hardening. 
6. Installing of under-mountable sink use proper stone plugs and screws, metal fixators and silicone or construction glue. 
7. Surface is treated to be waterproof but after installation one layer of oil or wax is always recommended.